Introducing the second highest replacement index bull on the Autumn Beef Gene Ireland list – Portroyal Mr Bull (SI8520).

This is the first Simmental on our list with a very high replacement index at €163, with the added benefit of being homozygous polled – meaning any cow he is mated with will produce polled/hornless calves. Portroyal Jim Bob x Ardadoney Bon Jovi x Rogant from Portroyal Eto PP.

Bred by John Anthony Hession of Portroyal Simmentals, this bull boasts having 5 stars for daughter milk (+7.3kg on the daughter milk sub index), meaning his daughters will wean calves at 7.3kg heavier than the average female. With a direct cow calving difficulty of 1% (breed average: 3.6%), a daughter calving difficulty of 4.8% and -1.11 days calving interval – this bull will be easy calving and produce heifers that are easy calving and will go back in calf quicker than their counterparts.

Notable herdmates from the Portroyal herd are Portroyal Gilmore P – bought by Dovea Genetics in 2017 and with over 800 calves registered to him, his progeny were known to be well marked with shape, size and length.

  • €163 on the Replacement Index
  • Portroyal Jim Bob P x Ardadoney Bon Jovi P x Rogant
  • Easy calving
  • Great daughter milk and fertility
  • Great docility
  • Homozygous Polled

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