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A free Dry Cow Consult is available again this year for eligible herds, delivered through the Targeted Advisory Service on Animal Health (TASAH), funded by the Rural Development Programme and coordinated by Animal Health Ireland (AHI). This 3-hour consultation is carried out with your selected trained vet and is an opportunity to assess the current drying off process and dry period performance and identify additional gains that can be made.

As a herd owner participating in milk recording, you are potentially eligible for this free Dry Cow Consult, based on your SCC performance over the last 12 months.

Eligibility criteria for the 2022 Dry Cow Consults are as follows:

  • Average bulk milk tank SCC for the previous 12 months is <200,000 cells/mL
  • At least 4 whole herd milk recordings in the previous 12 months

With the right hygiene, management and support, many herds are successfully reducing their antibiotic use at drying off by developing selective dry cow strategies in consultation with their veterinary practitioners. It is important to remember that a selective dry cow strategy is not without risk and is not something to embark on without seeking professional support and advice.

Applications are now being received for the Dry Cow Consult service. Eligibility assessment of all applications received will be carried out at the start of October, at which time all applicants will be notified if they are eligible for the free consult.

To apply for a Free Dry Cow Consult with your vet, see AHI Dry Cow Consult Farmer Registration

Should the service be over-subscribed, eligible herds will be selected according to the timing of their applications. Previous participants in a Dry Cow Consult have already been invited to apply for a Dry Cow Review.