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The national Dairy cow population has seen an increase over the past number of years due to the abolition of quotas leading to expansion. We have taken the 2016 dairy cow population figures and broken them down county by county so we can see which counties are the most heavily populated.
Unsurprisingly county Cork is leading the way with a total of 367,556 dairy cows. This figure is over 200,000 higher than the dairy cow population in county Tipperary which is the second most highly populated county with a figure of 161,921. The third most highly populated county for dairy cows is county Limerick with a figure of 118,461 dairy cows. Limerick is followed closely by county Kerry which has a figure of 107,050 dairy cows. The least most populated county for dairy cows is county Leitrim with a population of just 2,711 dairy cows. The second least populated county is county Dublin with a population of 3,314 dairy cows. County Roscommon completes the bottom 3 counties for dairy cow population with a figure of 7,160 dairy cows.

Dairy Cow Population by County, June, 2016.