Cork Marts has introduced a weekly calf export assembly day at five mart locations. Through the Cork Marts network alone approx. a third of all calves sold go for export. As a result this asssembly was created to;

  • Reduces time calves spend ‘off farm’. Assembly days will be fixed to coincide with export sailing days during peak calving season.
  • Easy access and quick service at busy time of the year – price for calves calculated at intake.
  • Will reduce calf numbers on normal sale day which should increase competition.

Pre-entry booking system

Calf entry criteria;

  • Dairy breed sired males
  • Calves less than 6.25% Jersey bred
  • Calves must have a Commercial Beef Value (CBV) greater than €0. Only calves above this will show on the app
  • Calves must be at least 21 days of age on the day of sale

Calves must be entered before 4pm the day before collection on the ICBF Herdplus app which you will have access to. To download using an iPhone go to the ‘App Store’ or if using an Android go to the ‘Google Playstore’ and search for ‘ICBF Herdplus’. This is free to download. Your username is your herd number and if you do not already have a password for Herdplus or ICBF, you can text ‘PASS’ to 0894577663 to receive your password. NOTE: Your mobile number needs to be stored in the ICBF database for this system to work. You can also call ICBF on 023-8820452 during office hours (9am – 5.30pm) to request. Once in the app go to Menu>Services > Stock €xpress and select to ‘Sell’. Only calves that meet the entry criteria will appear on the entry screen.


Above shows the ‘Stock Express’ app. After selecting ‘StockExpress and ‘Sell’ you will ‘Select Mart’ and ‘Cork Marts’. Select the ‘Calf Export’ sale and mart you wish to sell through. All the calves in your herd meeting the eligibility criteria will be available for selection. Simply tick the box beside the calves you would like to enter and upload selection.

Assembly Day

  • Calves must be dropped to the mart between 10am and 12pm
  • Calves will be inspected at intake and unsuitable calves rejected.
  • Mart staff will grade calves for conformation which will be used in the grid below

Pricing Grid

Calves will not be sold through an auction but rather priced using the grid below. The base price will be determined from the National average prices of calves sold through marts 24-72 hours previous. The average prices will be grouped into sire breed. The calves will be weighed and conformation scored and the calf price from the grid will be applied. The grid below is an example and will be updated weekly to reflect market value.

There will be exporters there on the day that will purchase the calves at the calculated price. This reduces the length of time calves must stand in the mart and enables a large group of calves meeting the requirements to be sourced for export. This again helps the sellers position and improves the image of exporting calves which will help to keep markets. Standard Cork Marts Terms and Conditions will apply with a commission fee of €5 per calf for the seller.

If you have any further queries contact your local Cork Marts office or ICBF on 0238820452