Web screens are now available for Beef Environmental Efficiency Programme – Sucklers (BEEP–S). The best way to record weights and scales details for the BEEP-S scheme is through the ICBF website.

Unlike previous years privately owned scales will have to be re-registered for this years programme. It will be allocated a new scales number based on county of registration.

The information required to register a scales is Make, Model, Year of Purchase and serial number. BEEP-S details can be accessed through your ICBF account by going to > Services > BEEP-S.

A registered scales needs to be linked to a herd before BEEP-S weights can be recorded. There are three categories of scales available for use in BEEP-S, Privately Owned, Third Party or rented through the mybeep.ie network.

Register Privately Owned Scales

This option should be selected if you own the scales you are registering and you can prove ownership. It is important that you record accurate information here and that you read and understand the two declarations. This will generate a scales registration number for your scales. If you lend your scales to another individual for weighing animals for BEEP-S or the Dairy Beef Programme, they will require this number. A scales should only ever be registered once. If you own a scales in partnership with another herd, the scales should be registered as an Owned scales in one herd and a third party scales in the second.

Register Third Party Scales

This option should be selected if you are borrowing/lending a scales from another individual or using a private technician. The owner of the scales needs to first follow the steps above and register their Owned scales, they will then receive a scales registration number. You will need this number to link their scales to your herd for the period of time you have the scales. Usage of borrowed scales is monitored and the owner of the scales will receive a text when their scales registration number has been used by another party.

Use of Rented Scales through mybeep Portal

Scales can be rented through 100 mybeep depots spread throughout Ireland in Co-Ops, Marts and FRS offices. Scales rented through the mybeep system are automatically linked to your herd. To hire a scales through mybeep or to check where scales are available follow this link BEEP-S – ICBF

If you have any queries on the BEEP-S progamme please consult the mybeep website for helpful videos BEEP-S – ICBF email [email protected] or call 023 8820452