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ICBF is delighted to announance that it has been awarded the silver award in the scientific section at this years National Dairy Show Innovation Awards for the new and improved HerdPlus Dairy Sire Advice application.

We entered the new and improved version of our Sire Advice Application into the Science Category at this years National Dairy Show Innovation Awards. It was an excellent opportunity to showcase all that this application has to offer to the judges and farmers alike throughout a very enjoyable day.

Here at ICBF , we are all about farmers making the most informed breeding decisions easily and efficiently. Sire Advice is central to the decision making process for Irish dairy farmers.

Selecting bulls for the breeding season can be an onerous and time-consuming task. Sire Advice is a user friendly and farmer focused application, designed to alleviate this additional work to subsequently make the farmer’s life that bit easier

The main function of Sire Advice is to enable farmers to make the most informed breeding decisions quickly and efficiently. By using the application, farmers have the opportunity to maximise the genetic potential of future progeny in their herd, subsequently becoming more profitable.

While the science and algorithms behind the application are complex the concept is simple. By choosing the most suitable cow/bull pairings, farmers can easily avoid inbreeding, breed a more balanced female in terms of milk and fertility while also ensuring that the next generation’s genetics are superior

The HerdPlus Dairy Sire Advice application is available to all HerdPlus users