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The ICBF animal search facility has had over 4.16 million individual hits for the year 2018. This is an impressive statistic and shows just how much dairy and beef farmers, including people from the breeding industry value the animal search.The ICBF animal search gives users up to date genetic and progeny performance information on AI bulls, stock bulls and females located in a BDGP or HerdPlus herd.

Table 1: Breakdown of usage of ICBF Animal Search facility 2018

As can be seen from table 1 the total number of searches carried out on the ICBF animal search in 2018 was over 4.16 million. This is an increase of over 377,000 hits verses 2017 figures. This was the second full calendar year that the ‘ICBF Animal Search’ has been available since changing from the ‘Bull Search’ in 2016. This allows users to search for both male and female animals (in BDGP or HerdPlus herd). There has been over 725,000 female searches carried out in 2018.

Table 2

Detailed breakdown of usage of ICBF Animal Search facility (Males only).

Information from table 2 shows us that Beef sire searches for 2018 were just over 2.3 million. 2018 has seen an increase in beef sire searches of over 220,000 hits compared to 2017. This is most likely due to the continuation of the BDGP (Beef, Data and Genomics Programme). From the data in table 2 we can see the positive benefits that the BDGP is having on the industry. With beef sire searches at an all time high for both AI and stockbulls, this shows us that users are showing more interest in genetic indexes and with the increased profitability that comes from higher index animals (4 and 5 star), these increases are really encouraging for the industry.

Data from table 2 indicates that there has also been an increase in the number of Dairy bulls searched in 2018 vs 2017. There has been over 1 million dairy searches carried out in 2018. This high level of interest in the animal search facility confirms the confidence that users have in Dairy EBI (Economic Breeding Index) and Beef Eurostar as a means to accurately rank AI and stock bulls. The animal search facility displays animal data including identification, ancestry, genetic and performance data. This facility allows anyone to check all available details on any given pedigree registered bull and as of 2016 females located in a BDGP or HerdPlus herd.

High Level of Interest in Stock Bulls

As can be seen from Table 2, the number of stock bulls searched is very high. Stock bull searches made up 51% of total male searches in the animal search facility. This is an extremely high number considering the animal search was initially designed to support the querying of data on AI bulls.

As a result animal search users can make a more informed choice when it comes to selecting a stock bull for breeding. The animal search gives a full breakdown of each bull’s breeding potential including index, reliability, progeny and ancestry performance information as well as a host of other useful information for selecting a stock bull.

ICBF Animal Search App

The ICBF animal search app is now available to download free on Apple and Android devices. This app allows the user to search for EBI and €uro-Star figures on the animals in the ICBF Database. The HerdPlus Animal Search app allows users to search the genetic index figures (EBI and €uro-Star)on animals in the ICBF database. Animals must be located in herds signed up to the HerdPlus service or be participating in the Beef Data and Genomics Programme. This app helps herd-owners make more informed decisions when buying or selling animals as well as when breeding. It also contains the Active AI bulls in order of genetic index.


Top 10 Most Searched Sires 2018

Tables 3 and 4 below indicate the top 10 bulls for beef and dairy searched in 2018.

Castleview Gazelle (ZAG) was searched more often than any other beef sire in 2018.


Table 3

Top 10 Most Searched Beef Sires 2018
Rank Bull Bull Name Count
2 EBY ELDERBERRY GALAHAD           9,610
3 FSZ FISTON           9,145
4 LM4058 LODGE HAMLET           7,349
5 LM2014 EWDENVALE IVOR           6,660
6 CH2218 BIVOUAC           6,474
7 OKH KELTIC HANDSOME           6,257
8 LZF CAVELANDS FENIAN           6,154
9 S1421 AMPERTAINE FOREMAN           4,935
10 LM2395 CAVELANDS JOLLY           4,720
Diamond GFO Aine – Dam of (IG) Diamond Anton (FR2239) who was searched for more often than any other dairy sire in 2018.

Table 4

Top 10 Most Searched Dairy Sires 2018
Rank Bull Bull Name Count
1 FR2239 (IG) DIAMOND ANTON         6,315
2 FR2298 (IG) OLCASTLETOWN RONALDO         4,973
3 LWR (IG) LONGVIEW RELIABLE         4,867
4 FR2460 (IG) NEXTGEN PHC EIMER 557         4,619
5 FR2385 (IG) NEXTGEN YKG CANDY 593         4,415
6 FR4021 (IG) BALLINTESKIN ARNOLD         3,877
7 SEW SEAROAD AWS PAMELA 1         3,851
8 FR2249 COOLNASOON ART         3,717
9 FR2314 GORTCREEN SEBASTAIN         3,603
10 FR2053 KILDARRA MAESTRO         3,456

The animal search facility is located on the bottom right of the front page or you can search any bull now by clicking here.