For many herds, due to seasons of good breeding decisions, their best Dairy Male calves may be of interest to one or more AI company. While successfully selling a calf into AI is a real coup for any herd, the singing and posting of contracts is yet another job to do in an already hectic spring schedule. The additional time waiting for Genomic results before selling unsuccessful candidates can also add pressure and stress.

ICBF has now added a new ‘AI Contracts’ screen to its Genomic Services suite which should both simplify and expedite the signing of contracts. Herd-owners can now view all newly issued AI contracts and assign each requested calf to their chosen AI company online through the ‘AI Contracts’ Screen.

Once logged in to their icbf, the herd-owner can view the new screen by selecting ‘Genomic Services’ in the ‘Services’ drop-down menu, before selecting ‘AI Contracts’.

Once in the ‘AI Contracts’ Screen, the Herd-owner will see any AI company requested calves with outstanding contracts listed. The Herd-owner then simply select the AI company they wish assign the calf to and click ‘Save Changes’.

This service will be exclusively trialled for herds participating in the DNA Registration Program. Please note: Herds will still receive a paper copy of each contract in the post. If a herd has already signed their contracts online, they do not need to return the paper contract. Herds in the DNA Registration program do also not need to return the hair-card that accompanying the contract.