Intergenomic Holstein genomic TMI June 2022

Intergenomic Holstein genomic TMI June 2022

International Beef Evaluation (Interbeef) Files March 2022

Weaning Weight (March 2022)

Hereford Weaning Weight

Simmential Weaning Weight

Limousin Weaning Weight

Charolais Weaning Weight

Augus Weaning Weight

Calving Ease (March 2022)

Hereford Calving Ease

Simmential Calving Ease

Limousin Calving Ease

Charolais Calving Ease

Augus Calving Ease

Interbeef is a working group of ICAR and is pursuing 5 objectives relevant to beef cattle:

  1. provide a forum for sharing knowledge on recording and genetic evaluations, international genetic evaluation services,
  2. maintain guidelines and standards for beef cattle performance recording,
  3. conduct international surveys relevant to beef cattle performance recording,
  4. develop international genetic evaluation services, and
  5. facilitate the use of genomic selection.

Interbeef is guided by a steering committee appointed by the board of ICAR as well as a technical committee that includes a geographical and technical spread of enthusiastic supporters. A scientific advisory committee has also been established to give advice on specific technical issues.

More info :

The International Bull Evaluation Service (“INTERBULL”) is a permanent sub-committee of the International Committee for Animal Recording (ICAR, since 1988. The Interbull Centre, the operational unit that provides services on behalf of INTERBULL, is governed by the ICAR appointed INTERBULL Sub-Committee.