Increased Buyer Confidence

  • Pedigree Breeders taking part in the WHPR program are voluntarily getting their whole pedi-gree herd independently assessed by ICBF annually. Measurements and weights are recorded on all pedigree animals. Participating herds also receive spot check visits from ICBF, to validate the herd’s data.
  • Farmers going to purchase bulls either privately or at a sale, naturally enough, want to have the most up-to-date and accurate index information available to them.
  • A bull purchased with a ‘WHPR’ stamp will have been at least weighed by ICBF. This data will be publically displayed by ICBF so a purchaser is fully aware of all available data before making a purchasing decision.

€uro-Stars & Reliability %

  • The €uro-Stars of pedigree animals will come more in line with what a Pedigree Breeder would expect them to be.

– At birth, a bull calf’s €uro-Stars will be the average of his Sire & Dam’s €uro-Stars (Parent Average).

– His stars can change if weight/score data is recorded on him.

– So by recording data on him through the WHPR programme, you are giving his €uro-Stars the possibility of moving away from what he got at birth.

  • The more Pedigree Breeders that get their herd’s performance recorded, the more accurate the whole €uro-Star system becomes for everyone.
  • Scoring & Weighing will increase the reliability % of an animal’s €uro-Stars.
  • The €uro-Stars of low reliability animals are more likely to change.

Bull Finder

  • This is a new online bull sales section on the ICBF website.
  • Only bulls from WHPR herds will be included.
  • A bull’s €uro-Star details will be displayed along with the Breeder’s contact details.
  • A facility for breeders to upload a photo of the bull will also be available.


  • Animals in participating herds will have a ‘Stamp’ displayed beside their €uro-Stars so as they are clearly identified as having come from a ‘Performance Recorded’ herd. There are 2 levels of stamps:

ICBF Performance Recorded

Animal was scored/weighed by an ICBF scorer at a WHPR visit.

ICBF Elite Performance Recorded

  • Animal was scored/weighed by an ICBF scorer at a WHPR visit.
  • Birthweights and Dam service data was recorded on all animals born between two WHPR visits.

Spot Checks

‘Spot Checks’ will be carried out on a regular basis. Records will be carefully monitored and ICBF may expel a Breeder from the programme that fails to comply with the various data recording requirements.