Health and Disease


suckling beef calf

♦ Health and Disease

♦ Genetic Defect Recording

Genetic Diseases

helix cow


♦ Understanding Genetics and the Genetic Disease and Trait Definitions. Below are 3 guides to help you with genetic disease information found on the IDB SNP Chip. The first one is just about understanding genetics. The next two are the same booklet but one is for farmers, and the second is an extended version for Veterinary Clinicians and Researchers – (Click on the links below to view the page)

♦ Genetic Defects – Warning: Pictures in the defects gallery may be a bit disturbing as they are picture of animals with specific defects known in Ireland. This gallery is a work in progress and more diseases will be added as found.


Infectious Diseases (Under development- click on the blue links to be re-directed to AHI’s pages on the diseases below) Dairy & Beef

BVD: Bovine viral diarrhoea

Calf Scour

Colour Atlas of Claw Health

IBR: Infectious Bovine Rhinotracheitis

Johne’s disease

Liver Fluke 


All about Somatic Cell Counts

Rumen Fluke