Dairy AI Bull Evaluations

The latest bull proofs are now available to view in excel format in the ‘genetic evaluations section’ of our website.

This evaluation run has seen no change to the top of the list with FR4021 “(IG) BALLINTESKIN ARNOLD” remaining in the poll position with an EBI of €290 (€32 for milk and €219 for fertility). FR2385 “(IG) NEXTGEN YKG CANDY 593” remains in second position on the list with an EBI of €287 (€60 for milk and €162 for fertility). Third on the list is FR2239 “(IG) DIAMOND ANTON” who has moved from fourth position in the previous evaluation (Apr ’17).

Of the previous top 10 bulls, 8 are still in the top 10. Likewise 82 of the previous top 100 bulls, make the list again.