Latest EBI Reports Now Online

The latest HerdPlus EBI reports have been generated and are now available online. They will be dispatched by post to postal customers within the coming week.

Table 1 below gives the average EBI and Sub Indices for all herds. This is based on cows only (animals with at least one calving). The average herd EBI has increased by €2 from the previous run where it was €70. Table 2 contains the national ranking of herds and cows on EBI. These are good markers to see where your herd ranks for EBI within the national herd.

Table 1

Table 2: National ranking of herds and cows on EBI (these stats are based on 11,239 herds that have at least 30 cows with an EBI)

Top 1% Top 5% Top 10% Top 25% Ave. Btm 25% Btm 10% Btm 5% Btm 1%
Herd €128 €111 €103 €88 €72 €53 €27 €3 €-42
Animal €165 €141 €128 €103 €72 €34 €-13 €-47 €-103

Note: The biggest change seen in this evaluation is in young animals. Below (Table 3) is the average EBI of different ages of animals between this evaluation and the last evaluation. Cows overall have gone up on average from €70 to €72. Young dairy heifers (0-1 year) dropped on average from €146 euro to €128 and 1 year old heifers dropped from €118 to €108.

The drop in young females EBI figures are consistent with the drop in young Genomically Selected (GS) bull’s EBI in March. The reason being, there are now more accurate genomic proofs for AI sires due to a number of improvements having being made by ICBF and Teagasc to the genomic evaluation system over the past 6 months. The improvements include;

  1. A 15% increase in the size of the sire reference population against which the genomic prediction equations are generated;
  2. The inclusion of almost 1 million extra fertility records from the 2017 calving season to date;
  3. Updates to the genomic evaluation systems and software from which the evaluations are generated. Click here for more on this.

Table 3: Jan 2017 Avg EBI vs May 2017 Avg EBI

Parity Jan 2017 Avg EBI May 2017 Avg EBI Difference
0-1 Year Females €146 €128 -€18
1-2 Year Females €118 €108 -€10
All cows €70 €72 €2
First Calvers €86 €85 -€1
2nd Calvers €74 €78 €4
3rd Calvers €70 €74 €4
4th Calvers €67 €70 €3
5th and older calvers €56 €58 €2

The EBI Reports are available to view on-line. Check out how you compare!

If you’re having difficulty accessing your report, please call the HerdPlus office on 023-8820452.