HerdPlus Suckler Cow Report Updates

The latest HerdPlus Suckler Cow Reports have been generated and are now available online. The HerdPlus team is currently in the process of posting over 13,000 reports to customers. The HerdPlus suckler cow report allows farmers to fully analyse the performance of their suckler cows. It includes complete details for each cow including ancestry, Euro-Star Index and progeny performance details. The report is available to all HerdPlus customers and is posted once a year. The report is also available online in the reports section of the HerdPlus farmer login. The online facility allows a farmer to regenerate the report at any time. The report can be viewed in PDF format and printed if necessary. The Euro-Star Indexes are based on the Feb 2017 evaluation run. The next round of Euro-Star Indexes will be published on 10th May.

Example of a page from the suckler cow report. The report allows a farmer to fully analyse every aspect of a cow’s performance.


A number of useful updates have been made to the report for Spring 2017. These include:

  1. Extra fertility and weight data for each cow in the animal details section.

Genomic Logo: The presence of this logo means that the cow has been genotyped and the genomic information is included in her Euro-Star Index.

Fertility Table: This table details the cow’s

  • Age of first calving
  • Average calving interval
  • Expected calving date as well as the ID of the sire that the cow is in calf to.

Note: Serve details must be recorded in the ICBF database for a cow to have an expected calving date. Serve details are recorded through AI technician handhelds, or by the herdowner through the record events section on www.icbf.com.

Weight Data: This section details the cow’s

  • Birth weight. If no birth weight is present then it wasn’t recorded.
  • Mature weight. This is defined as the most recent weight recorded on a suckler cow at any time after her first calving date.
  • Linear Scoring Date. This is only applicable to pedigree cows.


  1. Cow scores table

This table details the cow milk and docility scores that have been recorded each year by the farmer. These scores are recorded as part of the BDGP.

  1. Birth weight and gestation length added to the progeny table.

  • Progeny Birth Weight: Displays the calf’s birth weight if it was recorded. Birth weights can be recorded in the record events section at icbf.com.
  • Gestation Length: Displays the gestation length of the calf. This is the number of days between when the cow was served and the calf’s birth date. Serve details must be recorded in order for a gestation length to be displayed. Only gestation lengths from 270-305 days are displayed. AI and stock bull serves can be recorded in the record events section at icbf.com.

Accessing the report online

As is the case with all HerdPlus reports, the suckler cow report can be viewed online in the reports section of the HerdPlus farmer login. The report can be viewed in PDF format and printed where necessary. There is also a ‘run one’ option which allows a farmer to regenerate the report. This is a useful facility as a farmer can generate a report with the most up to date data when assessing cows.

  1. Go to the reports dropdown and click on all reports

2. Click on ‘Eurostar’ and then select ‘Suckler Cow Report

3. Click on the most recent date for the most recently generated report. To generate a new report, simply click on ‘Generate New Report’. When the new report has generated, click on ‘Download File’ to view the PDF.

If you have any queries or feedback for the HerdPlus team on the Suckler Cow Report or any other reports, please call 023-8820452 or email query@icbf.com.