31st October is Deadline for Pocket Notebook data

To ensure that expected calving dates are included in the 2018 Dairy HerdPlus Pocket Notebook all serves should be recorded on the ICBF database. Pregnancy scanning data should also be recorded where completed. Data must be recorded in the ICBF database by 31st October in order to guarantee that this data is printed on your pocket notebook and expected calving list.

To record Heats and serves please follow instructions in image below(you can make it bigger if you click on it)

Recording Heats & AI

Scanned your cows recently? You can now record ‘Pregnancy Diagnosis’ on ICBF.com. This screen is now available on the new platform and it allows users to record ‘Pregnancy Diagnosis’ for each breeding female in the herd. This screen includes features such as linking to a previous serve and recording pregnancy diagnosis to a stockbull serve. To record ‘Pregnancy Diagnosis’ today simply log onto your ICBF account, select ‘Record Events’ – ‘Pregnancy Diagnosis’ and follow the steps below

PD picture

Recording Serves and Pregnancy Diagnosis has never been so easy; with this deadline looming please check out our recording screens by logging into online services today. Don’t have your ICBF password? Text “PASS” to 089-4577663 or contact support 023 8820452