New ‘BDGP Eligibility’ screen goes live!

We are continuing to update our ‘view profiles’ screens. As a result the new ‘BDGP eligibility’ screen is now live.

The BDGP eligibility screen which is now available on will tell you the eligibility status of your bulls and heifers. In addition, the profile gives detailed information on:

  • Eligible females
  • Stock bulls
  • AI requirement (only relevant if you use AI).

Unsurprisingly, the theme of this profile is similar to that of the BDGP Eligibility report. In addition, it has the added benefit of being live and up-to-date whenever you enter the screen. Again in line with the BDGP Eligibility report, this screen displays 3 tabs ‘Summary’, ‘Females’ and ‘Stockbulls’. Note, the ‘Stockbulls’ tab may not be available due to being under construction currently.

How to access the new screen

Firstly, login to your HerdPlus account as you normally would. Secondly, click on the “View Profiles” drop-down at the top of your homepage. You will find ‘BDGP Eligibility’ at the top of this dropdown (Picture 1).

Picture 1: Where to find ‘BDGP Eligibility’ screen

How to navigate the new screen

After that, the screen will automatically open the ‘summary’ tab (Picture 2). As a result, this displays up to date information on the eligibility status of your animals in the BDGP. This tab includes information on:

  1. Female Requirement (Eligible females required in your herd)
  2. Stock bull Requirement (Eligible stock bulls required in your herd)
  3. AI Requirement (AI sired progeny born in herd and sired by eligible AI bulls)

Picture 2: New BDGP Eligibility profile ‘Summary’ tab

Similarly, you can click on the ‘Females’ tab (Picture 3). This can be used for instance, to take a closer look at exactly which females qualify for the BDGP deadlines.

Picture 3: New BDGP Eligibility profile ‘Females’ tab

For more information on eligible stock bulls or any other element of the BDGP, please call 023/8820452 or email