Business as usual at ICBF

In light of these unprecedented times, we want to take this opportunity to first and foremost wish good health for you, your families, and your communities.

ICBF has worked proactively to mitigate risk and ensure business continuity, with top priorities given to the well-being of our colleagues, public health and seamless continuation of services. (more…)

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BEEP – worth its weight in gold

Pat Donnellan, ICBF talks through some of the reasons why BEEP is worth its weight in gold.

‘Getting them all in to weigh will be some dose, are you home this weekend to help?’, ‘Well, have a guess, what weight do you think she is?’, ‘I can’t believe how heavy he is!’. All of these and many more like them could be heard on suckler farms (more…)

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DNA based calf registration – Not only possible but also feasible

‘Mark Waters, ICBF goes through the next step for animal traceability’. In 1996, Ireland became world leaders in the traceability of cattle from birth to factory when the Cattle Movement Monitoring System (CMMS) was introduced. This system required all farmers to apply identification tags to each calf at birth and register this unique number in the Animal Identification and Movements (AIM) database. (more…)

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