Replacement Beef Heifers are sourced by Irish Suckler farmers in many different ways . With the BDGP scheme there has never been as much focus in this area. Every suckler farmer has his/her own story as to how they source theirs, ICBF would like to capture as many of these stories as possible.

Whether they are bred in the herd via AI or Stockbulls, bought at the mart or sourced from local dairy herds – there is a variety of paths that replacement females can follow in Ireland before they are selected for mating.

If you are interested in sharing your story as to how you source your replacement heifers, please email your answer to the question below to [email protected], in no more than 200 words:


How do you currently source/breed your replacement beef females and what are your plans for sourcing/breeding them in the future?

Please include photos where possible. ICBF will be profiling the best entries online and in their publications.