1 Condition Score The overall level of fleshing on the animal Lean Fat
2 Scrotal Circumference The circumference of the scrotum Small Large
3 Width of Muzzle Width of the mouth area of the animal Narrow Wide
4 Width of Pelvis Width at the pelvic bone Narrow Wide
5 Plates The angle of the plates above the hind legs Dropping from front to rear Rising from front to rear
6 Harmony Degree to which animal conforms to breed description Undesirable Desirable
7 Colour of Coat Degree to which ‘colour of coat’ conforms to breed description Dark Light
8 Type of Head Degree to which ‘type of head’ conforms to breed description Undesirable Desirable
9 Colour of Tail Degree to which ‘tail colour’ conforms to breed description Dark Light
10 Tail Set Prominence of the tail head Less Prominent More Prominent
11 Hair Type Degree to which ‘hair type’ conforms to breed description 1 = Straight 2 = Curly
12 Depth of Hoof Depth of the animals hoof Deep Hallow
13 White Patches Presence of White Patches No Yes
14 Depth of Rump Distance between the top and bottom of the rump above the hocks Shallow Deep
15 Girth The circumference of the animal behind the front legs Small Large
16 Rib The development of the rib from flat to round Flat Well Sprung
17 Shoulder Muscle Development of Shoulder Muscling (1-15) Low High
18 Top Muscle Development of Top Muscling (1-15) Low High
19 Thickness of Skin Degree of Thickness of animals skin Thick Thin


Undecended Testicle
One Testicle
Hip Defect
Claw Defect
Tongue Defect
Colour Defect
Scurrs Defect
Pastern Defect

Rearing Status

Genetic Dam
Bucket Reared
Surrogate Dam
Nurse Cow
Special Treatment