How do you replace yours?

Replacement Beef Heifers are sourced by Irish Suckler farmers in many different ways . With the BDGP scheme there has never been as much focus in this area. Every suckler farmer has his/her own story as to how they source theirs, ICBF would like to capture as many of these stories as possible.


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New Female Search

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We are delighted to introduce our new ‘Animal Search’ facility which now allows ICBF users to search for females in HerdPlus/BDGP herds. (more…)

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Update on Health and Disease Recording 2013-2015

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In 2013 ICBF expanded the number of health traits farmers could record online and encouraged all HerdPlus members to record data on ICBF or allow data from their farm software to be transferred to ICBF. This call was put out to help ICBF work towards an overall health robustness trait for breeding healthier animals. (more…)

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