FBD Breeding Awards Winners

ICBF and FBD would like to congratulate and thank this year’s winners and all the finalists involved in the 2020 FBD Breeding Awards. The hard work and determination shown by all the finalists across the beef, dairy and sheep categories will lead to a more profitable and sustainable future at both an individual and a national herd level. (more…)

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FBD €uro-Star €200-Pedigree Beef Finalist – Elite levels of fertility and efficiency in the Riversfield herd

Tom and Geraldine Molan run the Riversfield pedigree Salers herd just outside Kilmallock in Co. Limerick. The herd consists of 45 pedigree cows and 5 commercial cows which are run alongside a thoroughbred horse breeding enterprise. (more…)

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BDGP 31st Oct Deadline Passes

Saturday 31st Oct was the final target date for herds participating in BDGP I (2015-2020). Herds were required to have the equivalent to 50% of their reference number in genotyped 4 or 5-star females. While the final numbers will not be known until after the 24th November genetic evaluation, the vast majority of the 22,500 participating herds look on course to meet the final 31st Oct 50% target.

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Genomics Service for dairy crossbreds launched

We are pleased to launch the ICBF genomics service for across breed dairy evaluations. The genotype ordering screens has been updated to allow DNA sampling kits for multiple dairy breeds to be ordered online. The ordering menu has also been upgraded which will make it more user friendly to order genotypes, particularly for a group of females. The cost to genotype dairy females as part of a group or individually is now €22. (more…)

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Dairy Gene Ireland programme now in it’s 16th year

Gene Ireland is the name of the national dairy breeding programme in Ireland and it forms an extremely important part of the Dairy Industry. The aim of the programme is to provide dairy farmers with the best genetics through a coordinated progeny test programme. Now in its 16th year, the program has delivered over €200 million to Irish dairy farmers through increased genetic gain. (more…)

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