Gene Ireland Focus – Keltic Rembrandt (LM8259)

The last bull on our Replacement Index list is Keltic Rembrandt (LM8259). This bull comes from the Keltic Limousin herd in Meath, who many Limousin breeders would know bred Keltic Handsome (OKH). OKH made it through the Gene Ireland progeny testing in 2014 and went on to be a very successful bull in Irish pedigree and commercial suckler herds with over 13,000 progeny registered to him. (more…)

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Beef Sector Efficiency Programmes Time Running Out to Record Weights

The Beef Sector Efficiency Programmes include the Beef Environmental Efficiency Programme Sucklers (BEEP-S) and the Dairy Beef Calf Programme.  The closing date for completion of the weighing is fast approaching in both schemes as 5:30 on Tuesday November 1st is the deadline for having weights recorded onto the ICBF database. (more…)

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Gene Ireland Beef Panels Autumn 2022

ICBF and the program partners, have recently launched the exciting new Gene Ireland panel of high index beef bulls for Autumn 2022. The Gene Ireland breeding program is a joint initiative between pedigree breeders, commercial farmers, breed societies, AI Companies, DAFM & ICBF. The primary aim of the program is to robustly progeny test high index beef bulls which will produce profitable cows for the suckler beef industry. The minimum criteria for a bull to be included on the panel is 5 Stars across breed on either the Replacement or Terminal Index. (more…)

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Genotyped 4/5-Star female Sales

ICBF in collaboration with DAFM and ICOS are coordinating BDGP eligible female sales in marts thoughout September and October. These females will be genotyped 4/5-star and born on/before 30th June 2021. If purchased, they will immediately be counted towards your herd’s 31st Oct target once moved into your herd number. (more…)

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“She’s Due her 17th Calf Shortly” – Kieran Noonan

Kieran Noonan runs a pedigree and commercial suckler herd in Tullylease, Charleville, Co. Cork. He runs his Limousins under the name of Dromanig and his Herefords and Angus’ under the name Doubletree. Kieran has been breeding pedigree animals for a number of years and frequently uses the HerdPlus service to aid in his breeding and management decisions. (more…)

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